Friday, March 31, 2017

Off to Ami and Poppi's

Nate and Coop had the rare treat of spending a couple of days with Ami and Poppi with no other siblings.  I have such wonderful memories of doing this with both sets of grandparents!  Birch was heading to Portland for a continuing education course so the boys rode along and then my parents picked them up in Portland and took them to their house for almost two days.

They packed it in!!!  A little fishing on the way to their home but it was way windy and the fish weren't biting.  Yummy meals, some time with cousins, and several special excursions.


This was certainly one of the highlights for the boys - OSU baseball!!

Coop Rock Climbing


Collecting eggs from the neighbors chicken coop

Nate feeding the chickens

So glad the boys were able to have this time with Ami and Poppi!

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