Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patties Day

Some days I feel like I am getting to be a tired mom.  You know the kind that isn't really into decorating for the holidays, or making green pancakes for breakfast, or trashing our house cause a leprechaun visited (okay, I was never that kind of a mom).  Chloe quite loudly told me that "you NEVER do anything for the holidays" on the morning of St. Patrick's Day.  While I know that isn't true, I do acknowledge that I have cut way back on my fluffy stuff.  And I'll be honest, Friday was a crazy day for me and didn't allow for much fluff.  I was actually going to settle for pizza for dinner but the guilt got to me.

So in the one hour that I had to prep dinner I made roasted asparagus, sliced kiwis, pesto pasta, green jello, and onion rings (random, I know.  I guess I kind of figured they looked like a pot of gold??). We drank ourselves silly on kiwi-lime ICE soda.  Happy St. Patties Day!!!

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