Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tween Weekend

Every once-in-a-while (okay, pretty often) I get possessed with an idea -- "Tween Weekend" was born into my noggin about a month ago.  Birch decided to take the kids to Spokane to go skiing with cousins on Alysee's play weekend.  That got me thinking...hum, the house empty of extra chillins' -- how about being a cool Aunti and inviting Alysee's besties to come watch her perform in The Music Man?

Alysee was delighted with the idea and we were so grateful that Grannie was willing to chauffeur the girls to Yakima.  Sadly, the Kimball girls were not able to make it but we were happy to have Malia, Lucy, and Laynie come for the weekend.  The only sad part of the weekend was that Alysee had to be gone for so much of it.  Which I guess would lead to the part where the girls only got a few hours of sleep all weekend!!!

Grannie made the cutest Music Man hats and decorated the table super cute to kick-off the weekend.

 Super delicious fruit pizza that Grannie made for breakfast!
During breakfast we did this fun little conversation starter game.
 Next up...Pedicures at the local beauty school.  Some the girls were more happy with the final product than others.  It sure looked relaxing, though.

Pedicures at the beauty school

Fun photoshoot after the pedicures and then lunch at Jimmy Johns.
After we dropped off Alysee to get ready for the matinee show we went home and did a fun little craft.  The girls all did such a great job!

Lucy - Choose to Shine

Laynie - Be Brave

Malia - Best day Ever

Grannie - Be Still

Alysee - Be Grateful

Then we were all off to the play.
We showered Alysee with flowers after her amazing performance.
Saturday evening was filled with everyone making their own little pizzas, playing games, watching a movie, me working on my YW lesson, and waiting for Alysee to get done with her last evening performance.  I went to bed but the girls kept partying -- ice cream, games, talking, and who knows what else?!!!

Sunday was a splendid day filled with sunshine, great lessons at church, and our farewell lunch together.

Beautiful young ladies!

Pretty sure that everyone will sleep wonderfully tonight!!!  I know I'm pooped!!!  Such delightful girls.  I'm grateful my kids have such great cousins!!!  It was such a treat to share the weekend with Grannie as well.

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Amanda Davis said...

This makes my heart ache! I miss Sister Ditto (and the whole Ditto clan). So much fun for these girls!