Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Scout for Life

This week was a big week for Coop and Nate in their scouting career.  Actually it was kind of a big deal for the whole family as it wrapped up our family's cub scouting era.  No one was crying a tear over it either.
Handsome Coop participating in the flag ceremony

Coop received his Webelos badge and  Iron Chef award.

Nate has been working SO hard the past four months and earned five merit badges PLUS his Life!!!!

My neck is starting to be hard to hold up with all that metal my boys have earned :)

I'm proud of Nate and all the time he has put into completing so many merit badges.  They are sure not easy!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sherry Family Reunion 2017 - Cascade, Idaho

Family reunions always take a lot of planning, coordination, sacrifice, and a big dose of love!  I was super thankful that everyone agreed to have this year's family reunion Memorial Weekend.  Our summers are just so full that I loved the idea of not competing with everything else.  We were a little worried about the weather but we were 100% blessed with blue skies and warm sunshine all weekend.  The only thing I would change is to add another day or two to the reunion.  The location was absolutely beautiful and the drive was kind of long for a long weekend.

We kicked off the trip with a stop at Palouse Falls.  Palouse Falls was not all what I had chalked it up to be in my mind, though it was beautiful and extra cool because it just kind of is in no-where land. We heard that a couple of days later someone fell off the side of the cliff and died. I was surprised how little the falls were groomed? (like no trail signs or fences, etc...). I don't think I would return again unless it was on the way to something. Don't get me wrong it was beautiful!

It was really hard finding a spot to take a picture that still showed the magnitude of the falls.

Tyler and some kendama action at the falls


About 45 minutes from the falls we came across acres and areas of Rapeseed fields.  I understand this is what canola oil is made of.  It smelled amazing!!!  Like fields of yellow honey!

Our reunion was held in Cascade, ID.  It took about seven hours to drive there.  I picked this location because it was as close to a mid-point for all the Sherry clan.  The cabin was great and was about a block from Cascade Lake.  There were a few issues but the rental agency did a good job addressing each issue.  Overall we were really pleased with the cabin.
More information about the cabin HERE

It was great to have an area that we could all hang out in.

The bunk room housed most all the kids - why are night times always the worst?  (ie.  I want the door open, I like the door closed, I use a sound machine, Where is all the noise coming from?, I've never shared a bed with anyone, I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm not tired, I wake up at 5 am, I like to sleep in until 10 am, etc...)

The reason for the reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything was pretty perfect, except for missing Alex.  Can you see the hole where he should have been standing?

Lots of play time on the lake

Mila, Cali, Lizzie

Rue and Laura

Willie and Rue were just adorable

I'm thinking Willie might love his Daddy!

Rue was just a doll!

I really wanted to go to the Gold Fork Hot Springs.  I'm glad we went but I don't think I need to return.  It was spendy and the older kids though it was boring.  It was a unique set up with six different pools starting at 110 degrees and then each pool getting cooler.

These girls had a great time at the pools!

Family testimony meeting after sacrament meeting that we attended at the Cascade Branch.  Poppi and Ami and several others shared their love of the gospel and for families.  It was a treat to be together!

Ami had lots of crafts and activities for the kids.  They all LOVED it!

Uncle Luke is quite the entertainer!

Long locks!

I was the favorite Aunt for like five minutes when I showed up at the lake with otter pops.  Nothing wrong with buying a little love!

Love these ladies

Baking soda and vinegar rockets

All the grandchildren minus Alex

The Originals

Sure feel lucky to have them all in my life

Crazy dare following family pictures

All because two people fell in love...

This year Leah suggested having a My Favorite Things Exchange with the ladies - it was really fun to learn a little more about each of my sisters and mom plus come home with some loot JUST FOR ME!  I admire each of these ladies.

The handsome men

A lot of lovin'

Lots and lots of spike ball

Tommy and Willie

My mom got all the grandkids matching shirts.  They all looked so cute even if they were sleep deprived!
Highlights of the reunion - delicious meals we all took turns preparing, family talent show that could have lasted all night (I think each little girl would have loved a thirty minute spotlight), soaking in the sun at the sandy beach, everyone's sleeping situation (insomnia, snoring, babies crying, children that didn't want to go to bed vs. children that were begging to go to bed, spike ball for hours, chatting with family members, remembering childhood memories, having everyone together!!!!!

I'm so thankful everyone made the effort to come to the reunion.  The weekend was truly a favorite of our whole family!!!  I'd love to return to the area and do some river rafting, hiking, etc...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tyler heads to Mormon Prom

Tyler, the lucky guy got the privledge of going to Mormon Prom this year.  What a fabulous event the Selah and Yakima Stake have been putting on for years.  It is so awesome to see 200 youth all looking dashing and modest while having good clean fun!  The theme was "Escape to Paradise" -- the venue was amazing with big white tents, yummy food (grilled teriyaki chicken, roasted asparagus, fruit salad, and rolls).

Tyler asked the lovely, Lauren Bauer to prom.  She was radiant and the two had a fabulous time together!  They tripled with two other couples which made the night extra fun!

Tyler and Lauren

Isaac, Lindsey,Steven, Savannah, Tyler, and Lauren

Beautiful corsages - I'm still making my fabric flowers -- actually this one was made out of feathers and I pre-bought the flower.  Nice to have something that will last forever.

These boys!!!!