Friday, May 5, 2017

Besties Celebrate 40!!!! At Newport Beach, CA

Brooke Aldridge-Cox and I have known each other for about a dozen years now.  We first met because I was her mom's visiting teacher when they lived in Yakima.  One summer her mom left to care for her preemie grandbabies and Brooke moved into their home for a summer internship.  My companion and I decided that we might as well visit teach Brooke for the summer since her mom was gone.  Our family's friendship took off from there and we've made so many memories from baseball games together, a trip to Hawaii, five months of co-living while their home was being built, Mark's passing six years ago, to new found love and a wedding this past year.  Brooke moved away to Utah about three years ago and then after marrying this past November she moved to Missoula, MT.

So...Brooke was turning FORTY and got this crazy and delicious idea to gather friends from her life in Newport Beach, CA and warm our winter bodies in the sun.  I was lucky to travel with another friend from Yakima which made the trip even that much more fun.

The Gang - I only knew one other gal but quickly learned why each of these other souls were such important parts in Brooke's life.

First day was spent exposing our white bodies to the wonderful sun!

Turns out these legs of mine hadn't seen the sun for quite a while.  Here I am putting on sunscreen on my thighs.

Here I am a few hours later thinking that perhaps I should have also applied sunscreen to my calves too.  I have no self-control when it comes to the sun.  Seriously, I always think I can handle it -- it just feels so good!!!

P.A.R.T.Y. - really the whole weekend was a party but we even celebrated with birthday muffins.

Happy 40th!!

Pretty enjoyably just walking down the Newport Beach pier.

I had my first Acai Bowl and LOVED IT!!!!

Brooke really wanted to dine at a favorite restaurant of hers called Fig and Olive.  It was fancy and yummy!

Per Brooke's request we all dressed in white to celebrate.

I honestly only understood like half of the words on the menu.  I settled with Spring Pea Risotto with grilled shrimp on top.  It was super yummy!

We hit up this taco spot several times - this was a super yummy breakfast burrito.

I think biking along the pier and then to Balboa Island was my favorite activity we did.

On the ferry to Balboa Island

Yep, more tacos

Me loves the sun!

Sunday was really special for me because my little brother, Luke made the hour and half drive down from Burbank, CA to see me.  He drove me to the beautiful Newport Beach temple.  Although you can't really see it from this picture the temple is totally pink.  It's made out of pink granite.

Luke and I also drove over to Laguna Beach and walked along the beach too.  It was beautiful!  I really appreciated that Luke would take the time to come see me.  It was super last minute and he still went out of his way for me.  Pretty awesome guy!

Home again, home again, jigggity jig.  Four of us caught at 3 AM UBER to take to the Phoenix airport.  It was a first time for me on UBER but it worked perfectly.  Leslee and I few back into Seattle by 9 am and were back in Yakima in time for lunch.
I had a fabulous time!!!  I thought the whole weekend how much fun it would be to come with the whole family (or at least Birch).  It was a fabulous way to get excited for summer and reconnect with ME.  I realized that often I am often frantically running around that my memory lacks, I forget to connect with loved ones, and just take some time for me.  Thanks Brooke for including me!!!

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