Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Hard to beat a day being pampered by your family! I flew in late from Arizona last night to a clean home, flowers on the table, a yummy breakfast, a wonderful video chat with Elder Ditto, lunch made by my hubby, and then this amazing framed word art gift that the kids and Birch put together for me. I feel lucky to be loved by so many!! I can easily say that my love for my Momma has increased ten-fold as I've learned first hand the challenges and joys of motherhood. 

My clan

The man that made me a momma

Delicious angel food cake and strawberries for dessert

Isn't this amazing!!!  Birch had each of the kids write down words that they think of when they think of me - then he used this online program to design the letters and then photoshoped it altogether.  He framed it beautifully!

Mother's Day love from Coop (note that I am wearing my Mother's Day gift from Alex - new earrings)

Chicklets minus Big Chick, Alex

Favorite part of the day!!!!  We got to briefly meet his new companion from Australia that he is training.  Alex had sent us a package from Romania that had arrived super fast and so we were able to open it in front of him.  So fun for all of us - Alex is a gift giver and each of us sure felt loved!  We all got about three minutes privately on our own to talk to Alex and then he and his companion sang us a song.  We may have missed sacrament meeting for our phone call but it was totally worth it!
Alex and his companion singing "Joseph Smith's Prayer"

Alex sent all the kids this sweet backpacks.  They all are looking forward to going on an adventure with them.

Nate always gets to have Alex's love right around his neck - Elder Ditto sent him this nice scarf from the University of Craiova.

Chloe and Alysee each got fun bracelets from Alex.

Sweet soccer moves with the Romanian scarf

Felt the love!!!!  What a blessing to be a mother!

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