Thursday, June 22, 2017

Birthday Wish Granted...Spokane

For about the past nine months Chloe has been planning her ninth birthday.  Her number one request was to celebrate it in Spokane with her Aunti Blayre whom shares the same birth date.  She had it all planned to a T -- mostly it included the rest of the family leaving her alone so she could have Blayre, Carter, and Owen to herself (Uncle Ryan, Grannie, and myself were permitted limited hands-on time).

Aunti Blayre and Chloe have a special bond!  The older Chloe gets the more of Blayre I see in her -- kind of crazy to know how awesome you are going to grow up to be.  Both are independent, talented treat makers, lovers of Carter and Owen, beautiful, blunt, spunky, and always ready to party.
Cousin Laynie makes the most amazing cupcakes!!!  Per Chloe's request she make lemon cupcakes with a fresh strawberry cream frosting.  They were adorable, delicious, and snarfed down by the masses of children in like five minutes.  Chloe and Blayre shared a wish as they blew out their candle.

I've been trying to make a conscientious effort to take our kids plus any cousins that can come to the temple each time we go to Spokane.  The temple is literally minutes away!  Grannie was able to attend with the grandkids which makes it extra special.

Prior to heading to Spokane, Alysee and two of her other cousins arranged with the super talented Malia (older cousin) to do a photoshoot.  This was one of the highlights of the trip for Alysee.  She felt beautiful, had so much fun, and made tons of memories with her cousins. 

Laynie, Alysee, Lucy
The whole day was quite fabulous for Chloe.  It started out with her sleeping at Blayre's house and then waking up to Ryan making them both crepes.  Then around 11 am all the cousins, Auntis, and Grannie met at the swim pool for a fabulously windy (and stinky -- it was like someone sprayed dog poop perfume EVERYWHERE), then pizza and cupcakes followed by more swimming.

Birthday lunch - pizza, chips, watermelon

Chloe loves her Grannie

Kind of the best ever getting presents from all your extended family!

I'm scared to know what she was wishing for...probably a gymnastic beam and bar.

The boys were such a great help with all the little cousins

Lucy, Alysee, Laynie

After the swim party, Blayre and Chloe left for an afternoon of pedicures and manicures, watching the new Beauty and Beast, and dinner.

Chloe LOVES LOVES to care for Carter (and Owen)!  She will change diapers, put them to bed, and basically do whatever is needed.  Chloe sends a letter to Blayre, Carter, and Owen about weekly.

Birthday dinner - corn of the cob, chicken tenders, french fries, and mangos

One of Chloe's favorite gifts was a box of macaroons that I purchased at Ross.  She loves they way they look and really wants to learn to make them.

Ryan got this tasty ice cream cake for Blayre but Chloe actually brought this candle from home and was dying to put it on something.  Pretty lucky to get to blow out two candles in one day!
Our Spokane trip was one big P.A.R.T.Y.  Basically I drove all around Spokane delivering and picking up my kids and other cousins and taking them to the next activity.  The kids all LOVE being with each other.  I was grateful to be welcomed into Logan and Julia's house where I had a quiet retreat to hid away in each night in my room.  I'm feeling much more confident about getting around in Spokane (it's only taken me fifteen years).  My kids sure are lucky to have so many wonderful cousins on both sides of the family!!!

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