Saturday, June 24, 2017

Farewell Hazel

You might recall an earlier post that I did celebrating Hazel and Ginger (the piggies) birthdays. Saturday night the girls noticed Hazel laying on the ground twitching and oozing stuff out of her eye and we knew her time on earth in the Ditto house was coming to an end.  Several months ago Hazel had gotten an eye infection after a hay poke but after a round of antibiotics and lots of love and care she had been doing wonderful.  Friday late afternoon the girls noticed that the previously healed eye was all yucky.  They called the vet and had an appointment set up for Monday afternoon.  Though I never bonded with the piggies I'm not totally cold-hearted; it was a sad evening.

Chloe and Alysee made a special bed for Hazel to die in and turned out the lights so her senses wouldn't be overwhelmed.  We are guessing that she actually had some kind of brain tumor or something??
Recalling a happier day in May when Chloe celebrated Hazel's birthday

Birch made a special coffin for Hazel.  Chloe wanted to make sure that Ginger got to say "goodbye" to Hazel.

Sealing the coffin -- covered in love notes

Alysee painted a headstone for Hazel

We had a little family burial service around 10 pm after Hazel died.  Everyone went around and shared something that they appreciated about Hazel and then all who wanted tossed some dirt on her graveside.

Hazel is buried to rest right next to Maxi (who died last August).
Chloe and Alysee shed some big tears.  Alysee skipped going to the stake dance once she could tell Hazel would die sometime that evening.  She was glad to be there and mourn with Chloe.  Between tears Chloe was already asking for a new piggy -- feeling so bad for Ginger no longer having a playmate.  As much as I do not relish having pets I am glad my children are experiencing the joys of caring for something they love and even the sorrow of losing something they love.  The circle of life is real!

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