Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gap2Gap 2017

We all survived one more year of the Gap2Gap.  I actually felt like this year was the least stressful for me (not that it is about me but it is always a day that I have such mixed feelings about; it's a lot of coordinating putting together teams, trying to be at the right place for all the kids' events, cheering, and running around like a crazy women cheering on each child).
Coordinating who should be where and when
Anyway, the event seemed extra organized this year - lots of great volunteers to help direct and I'm sure having a lot of years under our belts of the Gap2Gap helped as well.

Nate's team - Two Fast with his friend Kel Griffiths
Nate competed in three events - the first being a three mile run.

Nate was absolutely amazing!!  He ran the 5K in about 19 minutes and 20 seconds.  He looked so strong even at the end.

Nate also did the Steeple Chase - this included jumping over hay bales, crab walk, guinea sack hopping, running with a hula hoop. 

Nate's last event was the kayak portion

Nate puts 100% into EVERYTHING he does in life!!

He was exhausted at the end of his three events!!

Running to the kayak/obstacle course exchange

All the hardwork paid off - these boys placed second!!!  Two Fast 00:55:37 (Kel Griffiths, Yakima; Nathan Ditto, Yakima); might I mention that the number one team had five teammates each only doing one event.

Cheerleaders and patiently awaiting their turn to compete!
Alysee was a great cheerleader

Tyler was too old to compete this year but he was an awesome volunteer helping with the kayaks

Coop's team - The Untouchables (Sam Summers, William Cobia, and Cooper Ditto)
These boys had such a fun time!!!   They finished in 6th place, The Untouchables 00:32:25 (Sam Summers, Yakima; Cooper Ditto, Yakima; William Cobia, Yakima)

Coop awaiting the start of the race where he kicked it off with a one mile run.

Coop finished strong - he said he got a little side cramp but we were all so happy that his asthma didn't act up too much.

Coop also did the kayak portion of the race.  He was a bit nervous before because the only other time he has kayaked was at last year's race.  He did great!
 Chloe's team - Wave Runners (Sage and Mila Andersen and Anna Tew)
This group had so much fun coming up with a team name, matching shirts they made, and even a team cheer!

Initials spelling S.M.A.C.


Chloe competed in the obstacle course portion so she was patiently awaiting Sage to pass off her wrist band to her.

The exchange

The end of the obstacle course the kids go down a big waterslide.

The run to the finish line

I think she felt pretty pleased with herself.

Who would have thought?!!!  2nd place, Wave Runner’s 00:16:47 (Mila Andersen, Yakima; Sage Andersen, Yakima; Annalia Tew, Yakima; Chloe Ditto, Yakima)
What I really need is a picture of our awesome Daddy running around taking amazing pictures of all our kids (and many others).  He really did a great job at capturing highlights from the three races!!!

Another year in the books!!!!

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