Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My boys sure can TOOT!

This year has brought many concerts for our family to attend.  Between one choir and two different bands it seems as though each holiday and beginning and end of year we find ourselves soaking in the toots of our boys!
Coop had a great year playing the trumpet.  He really wants to switch to the tenor sax but I kind of love that we already own the trumpet.

One reason Coop has really enjoyed band is because most of his friends are in his band class.  This kid is a social!  He is even going to go to band camp this summer...because he loves his friends and playing the trumpet isn't so bad either.

This is Nate's second year playing the french horn.  Although there are only three kids in the band that play the french horn he has really enjoyed stretching himself with learning a new instrument (and I love that we can rent it for $10 from the school.  Too bad they don't have any tenor saxes for Coop.)

Nate's band is really quite amazing!!!

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