Monday, June 26, 2017

Our missionary...forever a friend

I was just thinking how I never post anything about Elder Alex Ditto on this family because I am keeping a separate blog on his adventures in Romania.  He is doing so well and is an inspiration to many (especially me).

This past week we had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing Mirela.  We've come to love her as a family; she has taken such good care of Alex and made so many life changing decisions in the past two months.

Elder Ditto and Mirela

Right before Mirela's baptism - Elder Ditto and his companion, Elder Kreiger

Beautiful programs that Elder Ditto and Elder Krieger designed

I just LOVE this picture -- apparently they use a portable font in Romania. Look at Mirela's happy face!

Mirela and her daughter following the baptism

And last but not least -- I had to throw in this picture because how can you NOT smile when you look at this face.  His energy and love for life and the Lord just beam through his face!
So proud of Elder Ditto!!!

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