Monday, June 19, 2017

Planning your own P.A.R.T.Y.

Because one party isn't enough...

If you're going to plan your own party than why not??

Chloe came up with a simple little party plan and pretty much did all the work to make it happen.  Honestly I was actually gone for the party as I was running around doing last minute preparations for going out-of-town that same afternoon.  Alysee volunteered to help Chloe where needed.

The birthday party contestants to Watch ya Mouth?

Chloe made shaved ice for all the guests.  They also dined on two other of Chloe's favorites - handi-snacks cracker and cheese dips and mangos

Chloe had been freezing several ice blocks in preparation to her party - pretty sure everyone thought she was pretty cool

Making a wish over her shaved ice

Chloe had a "Favorite Things Party" - each girl brought six of the same item under $1 that is a favorite of hers.  They shared why they love that item and then passed one out to each girl.  Chloe gave flip flops to each of her friends as she loves to have shoes she can throw on real quick.  Some of the other gifts (favorite things) were nail polish, pads of paper, a canvas and paint brush, chapstick, etc...  

Pretty sure every girl loved going home with a bag of favorites!!!  I'm grateful Chloe has so many good friends (including her bestie cousins)!!!

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