Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July: Family, Fun, and Fireworks

Kickin' off the 4th of July with a neighborhood kid's parade at Aunti Emily's home.  The kids had a great time decorating scooters, bikes, rollar blades, bikes, and strollers.  To make it even more memorable we were lucky to be watching Seth and Caroline's kiddos all week.

Cali sportin' her Independence spirit

Nate and his friend

Mila and her matching otter pop


Baby Willie was EVERYONE'S favorite -- this may have been his first otter pop and he was IN LOVE

Cool Tyler



Cali, Hazel, Grace (friend), Chloe, and Sage
 Next on the agenda -- a hike to Tieton Nature Trail with friends
Willie loved the hiking backpack even in the 100 degree's

Not much more sexy than my hubby taking care of the kids - this bridge was a little scary to watch twenty+ kids scamper across

The Cobias, Andersens, Murdocks, and us all joined together on the hike.  Somehow within the first bit the kids got ahead of all the adults except Bishop Murdock.  Made this mom nervous with all the talk of rattlesnakes and none of the kids having water.

Finally caught up with the kids and we all crossed this scary bridge across the river

I don't think the fast flowing water or the lack of guard rails on the bridge phased any of the kids

Emiline, Chloe, and Sage

Willie was happy to get out of the pack and cool down his toesies

Uncle Birchy and Willie

Pioneer Club - Tommy



Willie was my sidekick all week.  We would lay down next to each other before I would put him down for a nap or bedtime and he would just gaze in my eyes and want me to kiss him between his eyes.  What a sweet little guy!

Ah...sometimes it stinks having little kiddos.  Uncle Ryan was such a sport and was about 40 minutes behind EVERYONE with Hazel and Tommy.  He got to the water just as we were all ready to go home.  What a good daddy!!

We finished off the day with a totally delicious bbq of shoyu chicken, rolls, corn on the cob, watermelon, and donuts from Canada!  Seth and Caroline got back just in time to join us and bring our tasty dessert.  The kids played and played until we packed them all up and went to Selah to watch the fireworks.  This is the first time we have been to Selah to watch the fireworks and probably will be the last -- it was a "cute" show for a little town but honestly the kids made fun of it most of the night.

What a splendid day!!!!  Love our country and what a treat to share the day with family!

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