Sunday, July 9, 2017

Boulder Cave with Buds!!

Something we've learned over the years is that hiking with friends is so much more fun for EVERYONE - the kids don't complain and therefore the parents actually enjoy themselves.  We were lucky to head to Boulder Cave with the Hartman family.  They moved into our ward about a year ago and we've all loved having them as besties!
Now that's a lot of kids!!!

Hiking back to see the hidden waterfall

Getting ready to head into the cave

I see the light!!!!

To make it more fun we walked back down to the cars via the stream

Fun little rock slide

The water was freezing but with it being 90 degrees it wasn't bad at all!

We just learned of a rock to jump off of at the entrance parking lot.  Now that I think about it -- EVERYONE but me and the baby jumped.  Guess that makes me a baby!  Birch and Nate were the first to jump.

Nate doing his famous twist flip

Chloe and Daddy

Tyler and Nate

Coop and Daddy

Alysee taking the leap 

Chloe went off by herself at the end.  Crazy girl!!

Everyone was a little chilly after jumping several times but quickly warmed up in the cars that were super hot from sitting in the sun.
So glad we were able to fit in a fun family outing before we all start splitting up for various camps the next few weeks.

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