Thursday, July 6, 2017

Coop heads to 11 year old Camp

Cooper was a bit nervous about heading to 11 year old Camp at Camp Fife this past week.  It was only for one night but he had heard scary stories about how freezing the pool at camp is and how you are required to get in it for the swim test.  When Coop got home from Scout Camp the first thing he said was, "the pool was warm!!!!!"  Birch was able to head up after work and so he was with Coop for the night and the entire next day.
Coops Patrol - they were the Flaming Flamingos 

Cooper was not looking forward to shooting the 22 rifles.  He found he was actually better at it than he expected and so he actually liked it in the end.

Not bad!!

Rock Climbing and Repelling Wall

Go Coop!

Archery turned out to be way hard - Coop was wishing they had had a bow that was more his size

Learning first aid skills

Swim Test!

It's warm!!!!

I'm grateful that Birch has always made time to be with the boys for at least a bit of scout camp each year.  I know they each have felt such comfort by having their dad with them.

So scout camp was a success -- way better than Cooper expected!!!!

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