Sunday, July 30, 2017

High Adventure R.A.F.T.I.N.G. Youth Trip

Birch and I had the wonderful opportunity of being youth leaders at the Priest and Laurel High Adventure Rafting trip with our stake youth.  Even luckier is that Tyler was on this adventure as well.  The whole event was so well organized -- from the amazing, delicious food, matching shirts, caravaning to Mabton, OR, evening firesides, and camping supplies.  It was a super hot weekend and so all the sun canopies were so appreciated!
91 Rafters!!!  What a great group of sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen year old's!

We did two full days of rafting on the Deschutes river using Sage Canyon Rafting Co.

Tyler riding the bull.

I'm in the back with the black wet-suit.  Yes, I was the only person wearing a wet-suit all weekend -- I may have looked like the odd duckling but I was never cold!

Yes, I got VERY wet.  Me in the back under the water.

Nice hair!

Look at those buff arms!!  (I'm talking about my hubby's)

There goes Tyler!

TONS of great food!!  We had hamburgers, breakfast burritos, teriyaki chicken and fried rice and the rafting company fixed our lunches for us (tacos and steak on the second day).

The evening firesides were some of my favorite.  The first night the YM Presidency did a great fireside about the need for each one of us in this world (used the example of why we like to have a variety of fruit types) and then we had mini firesides with our Bishops.  Our ward had a testimony meeting and everyone made comparisons to rafting, the guide, and life.  The second night the YW President shared a little message and then Birch shared a beautiful message as well.  Then it was opened up for all the youth to share their testimonies.  

You'd think everyone would be exhausted at night -- I was!!  There was still a lot of giggling in tents.

Kids studying scriptures by firelight.

My favorite part of the trip was being with this man!  It's not too often that we get to spend more than a dinner together.
More riding the Bull!

The next day Birch and I were in the same boat so he could protect me.

Tyler loved hanging out with his friends all day.  One thing that everyone really seemed to enjoy were the relaxed late afternoons and evenings.  By 3:30 pm we were all back at camp and everyone just laid around, ate snacks, played games, etc... It was so fun to see the mixing of genders and youth from the stake.

Pretty sure Tyler loved having us there too!

Lots of food!!!  Most of the food prep was done prior to coming to the rafting trip.  Each ward was assigned a meal to help re-heat and prepare and then another ward cleaned up.  The kids were all awesome about helping!
Spike ball!

So glad this rafting opportunity was provided for all the youth!!  Looking forward to our next adventure!

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