Monday, August 28, 2017

The triplets photoshoot at the lake

Malia did it again!!!  Alysee, Laynie, Lucy LOVED every second of their photoshoot at the lake.  It's kind of funny because you wouldn't know they were at the lake because this is on the other side of the street.  So tucked away in the forest were three fairies getting their pictures taken by the famous Malia Rose.  I'm thinking I want Malia to take a photoshoot of me cause it's like everything she shoots turns to gold.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Farewell Lake Cavanaugh!

It's hard to believe that we have been going to Lake Cavanaugh for eleven years.  It's been one of the very favorite summer traditions our family has ever done.  Everything from being with all our extended family to sunsets over the lake to good food mass produced to reading books on the lawn to kids learning how to waterski/tube/wake board/wake surfing to jumping off the high dock.  The cabin is going to be put up on the market and so our summer tradition is coming to a close.

July 2006 - look at how young we all are!
Grannie has more than doubled her grandchildren since 2006.

Here we are now in 2017 - we're missing Tavia and Vaughn's family and Alex.
But some things haven't changed.  The dad's get up early and go skiing (this year they borrowed a ski course and set it up to add some competition to their skiing).

Tyler went from a little squirt to the oldest cousin at the lake this year.  I'm pretty sure he missed having Alex around.

The moms still love to sit and chat.

Being a competitive family, Logan and Julia brought a water balloon launcher.  About an hour was spent trying to hit children with water balloons.

George trying to protect himself from the water balloon.

Coop giving it his all.

And now the dads get serious!!!

If you scroll in to poor George's face he wasn't so lucky this time.  Smacked him in the calf.

Alysee and Lucy paddled boarded across the lake to the rope swing.

Tyler was so sweet and loaded up all the little kids in the paddle boat to go retrieve water balloons that didn't break when they hit the water.

The little kids LOVED Tyler!

Birch singing songs to the nieces and nephews.

Waterski Course in the early morning hours -- burr.  

Way to go Birch!

Kelly and his pet drone.

Chloe loves to go tubing.

Both girls got brave with trying to do tricks while they were tubing.

Alysee and Laynie - I'm thinking Alysee's trick didn't quite work out.

Chloe being thrown from the tube.

Surprisingly she came up smiling.

Lincoln, Grannie, and Alysee

Always good food...and lots of it.

Coop was a flipping maniac this year.

It used to be the dads that played the catch the football or catch the Frisbee game but now the kids have taken over!  Nate caught a great pass.

Alysee looking very confident and casual on the paddle board.

Nice one Coop!

How is it that Andrew (Juje) is old enough to be married for five years and have his own baby?!!!  James was just the cutest!!

So glad that Juje, Jenna, and James flew out from Utah to be with us all!

Coop and Alysee


Alysee was awesome on the wake board this year!

Chloe really wanted to try wakeboarding and so dad jumped in to help her get started.  She got up on her first try and left dad to hang out in the water.

She was pretty dang proud of herself!

This girl just went and went -- she later told me that she decided to try and cross the wake because she knew she would probably fall and then she would have an excuses to be done.  Her arms were super tired after.

This lily pad thing brought hours and hours of fun for the kids...and moms!

This is what happens when I pick up the book for Birch to read on his vacation.  "Feeling Good" by David Burns being read by osmosis.

Grannie brought lots of fun games, puzzles, and activities for the little kids to play.

Nate was C.R.A.Z.Y. brave and good on the wakeboard.  He was all about getting AIR!

Love this shot!

Daddy may have celebrated his 44th birthday this year but he 'aint slowing down.

Birch really wanted Tyler to try slaloming this year but Tyler wasn't really into it.  I gently told Tyler how much it meant to his daddy so Tyler gave it a try.  And guess what...he liked it! 

Laynie, Lysee, Lucy

So Nate was like...I can do that!!  And he did!

These girls had the best time together.  Making up songs, jumping from the lake to the hot tub, jumping off the high dock together, etc...

The neighbor was really sweet and took a couple of people on his Fly Board. This is Andrew.

Coop and I paddled over to the rope swing.  

Grannie and Malia

Cute baby James - 4 months old

Okay, so this picture is pretty awesome.  Grannie just a new hip this year and got a second chance at life.  Check out how brave she is going on the tube.

So cute!

And this girl in the middle -- so brave too!!  Claire is half way through her chemo treatments!  

Not sure how this all happened but somehow I got peer pressured into jumping off the high dock with all the moms.

Blayre was an absolute pregnant goddess!!   She is beautiful, courageous, patient, and check out her moves!!!

And then came me.  I didn't want to let everyone down but I've also never jumped off the dock (honestly I've only gotten in the water a few times over the eleven years).  I paused...and then I did it!!!!

And it wasn't so bad so I did it AGAIN with Alysee.

And then I swam to the lily pad.  All the kids were like "mom, I've never seen you swim in a lake before."  I was cool to them for like twenty minutes.

For years the kids have been performing a show for us on the last day.  Each year has gotten a little more organized with pre-practicing over the skype, matching outfits, etc...  This years show was SO cute!!

The little girls did a super cute skit too.

And then these three divas...what can I say.  They found these sequin tops at Goodwill while in Spokane this summer and they just HAD TO HAVE THEM!!  Soon Alysee was off to Goodwill looking for ridiculously high high heels. 

And they loved every second!

We all said our goodbyes to the cabin and lake and dream of what our next reunion location will be.  

Farewell Lake Cavanaugh!!!  Maybe someday we'll rent a cabin and bring back our grand kids.