Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ditto Family Reunion - Helena, MT

Another A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. extended Ditto Family Reunion!  It sure is awesome how a much of people can all get together every few years and just blend together and enjoy each other's company. Family is everything!
81 Crazy Dittos at Canyon Ferry - Helena, Montana

Birch celebrated his 44th Birthday the first evening of the reunion.  44 candles on those brownies!!

The nieces performed a super cute song they wrote for Birch.
Birthday hug from Grandma Ditto
Birch and I were in charge of coming up with an activity that would get all the ages and families intermixed the first full day.  We packed the morning full of super fun Minute To Win It games.  Everyone was such a good sport and had a great time!

Lots of lake time in the afternoons...
Blayre being such a good sport with her pregnant belly taking the kids for a ride.

What does your extended family do at family reunions? Meet the Dittos...they learn a dance in 45 minutes and then perform it to each other for entertainment. This year...THRILLER!!!!
Birch was hilarious -- he's such a good dancer.  I love to dance but have found I am a free-spirit and don't follow directions well.  I decided to be the camera girl instead.  I mean it would be a shame to miss out on capturing President Ditto as a zombie.

Zombie Cousins

Chloe totally got into the outfit
Impromptu Skits - we were all divided up into six groups and then given a bag of random stuff to use in a skit we wrote in like five minutes.  Ditto Ditto here is delivering twins!

A trip to Helena to go to Grandpa Ditto's gravesite and share storied about him and Ken.

The birthday girl - I turned 42 years old during the reunion.  The nieces and Alysee also treated me with a personalized song but sadly it was not captured on film.  I celebrated with angel food cake in the evening.

The beautiful Grandma Ditto

 More fun...

Awesome picture taken with Uncle Kelly's drone

Grandma Ditto treating us to an amazing super long poem (like seriously super long.  Maybe like ten minutes -- all memorized)

All the Dittos by the waterfront.  Taken with the drone.

Wish you were there?

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