Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tea for Two

Chloe had a delightful Activity Day's Tea Party recently.  The mothers were invited for a day of dressing up, pictures, and a quaint tea party.  Alysee was excited to get Chloe all ready for the party.

Isn't Alysee amazing!  She can do hair magic!
Chloe and I had no idea all the fun we were going to have when we got to the tea party.  Mini photo sessions were a major theme!

The woman whom was hosting the party literally had four rooms full of dress up clothing for all ages.  I couldn't help but get into the fun!

We even had maids to serve us our food.

Everything from tini sandwiches,  fruit cups, mouse, herbal tea, etc....

Then we literally stayed another two hours and just played dress up.  

We had such a ball!!! 

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