Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Wonder...we can do hard things!!

This past weekend Alysee and I were able to watch the movie "Wonder." We listened to the book as a family on one of our drives to Utah a couple of years ago. The movie was FABULOUS!!! It followed along with the book wonderfully. I was impressed that the theater was filled with young children, yet I never heard one peep - we were all captivated. Be prepared to shed a few tears and leave wanting to be a better person. I wish I could take our whole school as this movie is as good as any school assembly. Just a treasure!!
It made me reflect on Alex's journey with having reconstructive ear surgeries (external and internal - over 19 surgeries) due to being born with microtia. I remember like it was yesterday when Alex was born and the doctor got all quiet and said, "something is wrong with his ear." And they quickly whisked him away. We always were in the craniofacial floor at the hospitals. I remember one time early on in Alex's treatment we got on the elevator at the children's hospital and I was at the time feeling a bit sorry for Alex (and honestly myself) for having this deformity. When the elevator door opened a little boy got on who's face was so deformed and I quickly kicked myself internally and was reminded that SO many people suffer, endure, and triumph over hard things!!

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