Friday, December 1, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

We were lucky this year to be in Oregon for Thanksgiving and have the chance to cut down our town fresh Christmas tree at a u-cut farm.  The weather was rainy but we made the most of it and really ended up having a great time together as a family.
Deciding which tree to chop down was the hard part.  We were grateful we ran into a guy with a chain saw as it made the "chopping" down part real easy.

It was a beast to drag around.

We then loaded the tree into a trailer and then got to climb in out of the rain for a fun little muddy ride back to the shop. 

Next the tree was shook to get rid of the dead needles and then sent through this bounding machine that wrapped it in twine.  

We tied it down to the top of the van and were on our way!
This year the kids all received 3-d cut temples -- each temple had a special importance from that year to them.
Nate got the Columbia River Temple to recognize the family history work he had done throughout the year.  Finding his own names to take to do baptisms for the dead.

Alysee got the beautiful Logan temple to help her remember her special summer trip to Retreat for Girls in Logan, UT where she gazed out of her dorm window each night at the Logan temple.

Luke and Camilla joined our family for a couple of weeks over Christmas and got to open up Alex's ornament.  He got a cute little clay missionary guy.

Tyler received the Provo City Temple to remind him of getting to do baptisms there this past September when we were there for Luke and Camilla's wedding.

Cooper got the Meridian, ID temple as this is the first temple that he was able to go inside -- he got to attend the open house this past November.

Chloe also got the Meridian temple for the same reason as Coop.

We sure love decorating the tree together as a family and remembering past ornaments.

This is one of my favorite ornaments -- it was given to Chloe last year to remind her of her baptism.

One of the prettiest trees we have every had!!  It was huge - probably 11-12 feet tall.  It seemed amazing!

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