Monday, February 19, 2018

Celebrating Claire!!!!

Claire's family threw a massive party for her celebrating Claire's chemo finishing after two years of that nastiness!!!  And boy did we P.A.R.T.Y.!!!  Lots of people pitched in to make it a wonderful day!  Several of the cousins spent the morning at Raptor Reef Indoor Waterpark while others were skiing. 

We all convened at the church for mounds of desserts, dancing, tributes, and celebrating Claire.

Grannie made the cutest and super yummy little pudding cups.

Adorable leukemia cookies

Julia (with a bit of assistance from me) made these Brownie Bombs!!  Think a ball of cookie dough surrounded by a smooshed brownie and then dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Deena made the cutest decorations!

Claire as been though so much!

Cousin Lucy with cousin James (Andrew and Jenne's little guy)

Juje and Jenna

Everyone ate sugar until they could no longer!

Grannie wrote a really cute song for Claire to sing called "Thank You"

Cousin Emett enjoying a dipped oreo

Claire's awesome parents -- Deena and Brent!

Deena's parents were able to come up from Oregon for a few days.

Tavia's family made the long drive from Idaho and arrived just in time for the party.  So wonderful to have so much family support!

The Kimball girls know how to dance!

Claire and her daddy had such a fun time dancing the night away!

"The Greatest Showman's" tunes were played over and over again!

Uncle Kelly and Maren having the best time ever

Cotton Eyed Joe

Birch enjoying dancing to "Havana" with his momma.
Wish you could have been there? Click here

The CRAZY Group of Awesome Dittos

Claire has been a warrior and fought hard these past two years. 

She's still got lots of bloodwork to be done over the next few years and some other meds but the worst is over.  Uncle Brent gave Claire a really sweet blessing with all the Uncles before everyone parted ways.  It is wonderful to have the healing and comfort powers of the priesthood.  LOVE this family!

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