Sunday, February 25, 2018

It's hard to say "goodbye"

My Grandma passed away last night while being surrounded by loved ones.  My mom, dad, Laura, Seth, and cousin Eleanor were all holding her hand as she passed away.

How can 92 years just seem to be not quiet enough? Grandma will always have more class and elegance than me. 

I love that she joined a stock broker club, started a fitness group in her little town, always had the most impressive yard, grew fresh herbs year round, hosted big family gatherings without looking like it was a big deal, taught me how to use a loom, took me on my first ferry trip to Victoria BC (and didn’t disown me when I lost my cookies in the cigarette garbage can on the ferry ride), gave everyone second chances, allowed my little family to live in her cottage while Birch did an internship, took interest in my kids and taught them how to catch little frogs in her yard, and took time to love each of her grandkids.

I’ll always cherish the last few visits with my Grandma where I was able to express my love for her through actions and touch. She primarily lost her ability to communicate when she had her stoke this past September but she expressed her love in a more tender way after her verbal abilities were robbed from her.
Love you Grandma Howe!!!

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