Friday, March 23, 2018

Lifting the head that hangs

We had another opportunity to serve dinner to the homeless at Camp Hope.  This time several families all joined together to provide a taco salad dinner, brownies, and a water bottle.  I think we served around eighty people.  I love seeing my kids side-by-side with their friends lifting the hearts (and tummies) of those that need an extra hand.

After all the food was served we all have the chance to eat and mingle with the residents.  Birch sat next to a man from Ecuador that only speaks Spanish.  The two of them enjoyed sharing a meal together which eventually turned into a missionary opportunity for Birch.  After they spoke about the gospel Birch asked the man if he would like a Book of Mormon.  He said that he would and so now Birch is getting him a Spanish copy of the Book of Mormon.

I was able to help another resident take dinner up to her family's room as she was trying to balance four plates in her hands.  I'm thankful for this opportunity that my family has had to bring fresh good food to many individuals of all ages.  It feels good to be the Lord's hands.

Coop and his friends were in charge of handing out the waterbottles.

Each month it is my goal to have the kids be the ones that get to serve the food.  So many times I feel like adults get many opportunities to serve so I love that the kids actually get a hands-on  chance to be apart of this neat experience.

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