Friday, March 2, 2018

Oh the places you'll go

This past week Chloe had so much fun dressing up each day to celebrate Dr. Seuss week.  Chloe is VERY creative and thought out each outfit with great care.  I thought she looked super cute dressed up at Thing 1!  It sure is going to be strange to not have any elementary school aged kids next year when Chloe moves up to the middle school.
And NO!!! that is not our cat.  Seline decide several months ago that she wished she lived at our house so she spends about 80% of her day sitting on our front steps or glass deck door.  Being an anti-pet person (especially cats) I am coming to peace with this new creature living at our house.  She is not allowed in the house and the kids are quick to wash their hands every time they touch her.  They leave water out for her but never food.  You'd think when it is super cold outside she would go home to her house (her owner is about a half block away) but I guess love prevails warmth.  Chloe is loving pretending that she has a cat.  She can even call for it at school when she is out for recess and it will come running and find her.  

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