Saturday, May 12, 2018

Rackets in the Sun

Saturday was spent outside ALL DAY!!  Tyler had tennis districts from 7 am until 5:30 pm.  It was a hot day and Tyler played three games.  He drew the unlucky straw and was seeded with the top player from Wenatchee for his first match.  Tyler knew he didn't have a chance to win but he was proud of himself for getting a few points.  After losing that match, Tyler went on to win his second match.  Birch and the boys made it back just in time to catch the end of his second match.  The third match was smack dab in the hottest hour of the day.  Both boys played hard and looked like they were wilting my the end of the match.  Tyler ended up losing that match but played hard.  It was fun to watch them volley for so long.

I had to throw in this picture - seriously too funny.  He looked SO tired but the end of the third match!

The reason my legs are a bright shade of red today - first time these legs of mine have seen the sun all year!

I love how tennis is such a gentleman's sport.  Tyler was disappointed he lost and was out of the bracket as it was double elimination.  He played hard, though and should feel proud of his efforts.

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