Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rewrite the Stars

All of Chloe's elementary years she has performed a duet with Birch for the school talent show.  Not even being partial to my own child, I feel confident saying that their musical number each year was one of the bests of the show!  This year was no different!  Chloe is passionate about "The Greatest Showman" and picked a really tricky song due to how low and how high it gets.  The two worked very hard together and did an outstanding job!!

Wish you were there?  Click here
I had a crazy notion to volunteer to be in charge of the talent show this year.  I really wanted to add the art aspect to the show with displaying the kid's art that they did with the guest artist I brought into the school a few weeks prior.  I had NO idea how much work the talent show would be.  It took HOURS of figuring out details and basically I was like a karaoke machine with my phone.  But I gotta say - the kids loved it all!  And I'm thankful that it was only a one time things for me.
A sampling of the art that the kids did prior with direction from a local artist.

This picture of these Nutella macarons don't really have anything to do with this post EXCEPT Chloe made them -- therefore she is multi talented in the kitchen and the stage!!

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