Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July Awesomeness

How is it July already?!!!  I'm trying so hard to not wish away the summer with being excited that Elder Ditto will be coming home.  There are so many fun things happening between now and August and I don't want summer to be over.  But here we are in July...

We started out the 4th of July with joining the Andersen's ward's breakfast.  Then we took our decorated bikes on over to their home for their annual kid's bike parade.
Rue, the cutest biker!

So fun having Ami and Poppi here all week!

This started out like a good idea for Tyler until he let Nathan pull him around on a bike with a rope.  Ended with a bruised bum!

Otter Pops and visiting time after the parade.

Coop and Alysee
Family Hike to Naches Peak Loop
After the parade we loaded up our sack lunches and drove to Naches Peak Loop.  We were so sad to see the trail buried under snow and unable to still hike with normal shoes.  We spent some time walking around accessible parts but ended up in a snow field.

Tyler's partner in crime.

Good thing Birch brought the frisbee.  It ended up being a sled for everyone.

 Poppi is the best at coming up with entertaining games.  F.Y.W (Freeze Your Weiner) took a bit of convincing to get anyone to want to play.  The basic idea is that the contestants try to catch a snowball in their pants.  If they do they take one step backwards until they can no longer catch the snowball.  Here Poppi is is a WEINER WINNER!

On top of the world!



The ladies jumping for joy!
It's been so nice to be altogether these past couple of weeks.

Mountain crocuses 

Poppi and Sawyer

Hazelnut bum sledding

Aunti Laura


Tyler took all these great pictures -- love this one of Ami and Rue

Isla getting some speed.
Then is was home for a teriyaki chicken, rice, bread, corn on the cob, and two fancy salads for dinner.
followed by DESSERTS!!!

This watermelon cake was a hit!
And I'm embarrassed to say that this is the first year we skipped taking the kids to the fireworks.  It was such a long day and Birch and Tyler both has work early in the morning.  I'm not making that a tradition though, I totally agree with the kids that it was lame we didn't go watch them. 

Loved spending the day with family!

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