Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dust, Dinner, and Down in the Dumps

Camp Hope recently moved to their new location out of town on a dry ol' piece of ground behind the old Kmart.  After a bit on confusion on finding the new location we set up dinner for the homeless.  We prepared for 100 people and sadly only served like thirty.  In fact our group probably doubled the numbers -- we've learned that when we serve dinner at the beginning of the month our numbers are down as many are paid by the government that week and head to the casino.  I think our numbers were also down because Camp Hope had only moved two days prior and it would take some effort for the residents to get to the new location. 

Location...sure doesn't seem as ideal as the old one.  No electricity, no running water, porta pots, not sure how you shower, sleeping on the ground (I did notice everyone had a nice pad), and HOT!!  I think they are working on water and electricity??!!

Keeping with the 4th of July theme we did a hot dog bar with lots of toppings, chips, pasta and potato salad, water bottles, and otter pops.  The otter pops were a HUGE hit!!

If I understand correctly, Camp Hope will be getting several of these large military tents that everyone will sleep in.

Due to some community complaints and having to leave the other location so quickly they went to Walmart and purchased a bunch of these nice family size tents.  The residents made it sound like they would be taking them away and replacing them with the large military tents.  The folks we spoke with were not excited about this idea.

We couldn't do these meals without all the other families that pitched in.  I think we had around a dozen families provide the food and then about thirty of us to serve the meal.  The missionaries joined us!

Eat your hearts out!!
Breaks my heart when we have children come through the food line.  Somehow camping year round just doesn't sound that fun.  I love this opportunity to serve our community as a family!

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