Monday, September 10, 2012

ABH 2012 - A whole lot of spandex

These boys just keep getting more ironman"ish" each year with their annual ABH (all-brother's hike) adventures.  Obviously this year entailed a whole lot of black spandex and not much hiking.  The brothers all met near Banff, Alberta, Canada -- Birch flew into Calgary and his favorite uncle and aunt picked him up from the airport and dropped him off at his sleeping bag at 2:45 am.

 The first day involved pedaling mostly uphill and lots of great views -- they whopped in 70 miles that day.  They started in Radium Hot Springs and finished near Castle Junction.

Kootnay National Park
 The trip wouldn't have been possible without Uncle Dale and Aunt Jinnie.  Everyday the boys would pack up their tents and gear and leave it in Brent's truck.  At some point during the day Dale and Jinnie would come pick up the truck and drive it to that night's campground.  They are our superheros!
 Day Two -- half way through the day they stopped at Lake Louise.  It was spantacular (notice the play on the span-dex)!  Since there were so many tourists they didn't get to strip down to their skivvies and swim.
 Day two was about another 70 miles and Birch's knees started feeling like a grandpa's.  This untraveled road took them over the continental divide toward the town of Field. 
  Day two was awesome because it was mostly downhill.
 Just in case you were wondering the Ditto Boys patented this pose long before Usain Bolt did it in the Olympics.  Basically -- they are awesome!
Day Three - the 70 miles or so were pretty flat from Golden, BC back to Radium Hot Springs there they basked in the hot springs.
Birch loves spending time with his brothers and being physically challenged.  He sure missed the three brothers that were missing this year!  They clocked in 213 miles in the three days -- WOW!!! He flew home just in time for the kids and I to pick him up Sunday morning and scoot to church where he conducted.  I think our soft comfy bed never looked so good that night!


emily a. said...

Crazy boys. Amazing pictures but is it bad that I kept thinking how stinky and gross those shirts were after wearing them 3 days in a row?

Ditto Family said...

Apparently they washed their shirts in a sink one day at a campground. Birch wants to add that they took a shower every night.

Julie said...

Dale and I drove through that part of the country and it is some of the prettiest in the world! These road warriors are amazing.

MaryJane said...

So impressed with the Ditto Brothers. The pictures are amazing, but who took the ones with everyone in them? Do they travel with their own poperatzz?

Matt said...

I totally love this tradition!