Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Herbivore meets Carnivore

We have had a really fun couple of weekends. My sister, Laura and her husband Jared came to visit us from Logan, UT.
They got married last October so it was really fun to spend two great weekends with them and get to know Jared better and have some Laura bonding time. Not only are they super fun to be with but Laura is also a vegetarian (hence the title) and I am no where near being vegan. I think my refrigerator went into shock when I stuffed it full of all sorts of veggies it has never seen. Who knew you could grill eggplant (who even knew what an eggplant looked like in the inside)? We also all partook of our first taste of silken tofu in a chocolate mouse tofu pie. I have to admit it was quite edible even for a non-chocolate lover.
It was super hot the first weekend they were here but the kids still enjoyed playing outside together.
The kids were excited to have some new competition in playing freebie golf. Coop couldn't get enough of Jared. Jared was so sweet with the kids and spent some quiet storytime with Coopy. Monday afternoon we had quite the adventure hiking to Boulder Cave. We have done this hike twice before and it continues to be a favorite. Laura insisted in hauling Chloe around. She is much more buff than me (and can I just say that I LOVE her hair)!! I love this picture because it captures Nate to a "T": sweet, fearless...but at the same time cautious, a bit explosive in his temperament, and cute. Coop was a great hiker. Here we are the two of us going up to see a waterfall. Two lovers by the waterfall. Here's the whole hiking group just getting ready to go cave spelunking. We were all really brave. Chloe didn't enjoy the darkness very much but she hung in there.Coop...ready to give us some light.
Instead of coming back from the cave down the same trail that we hiked up we decided to throw in a little adventurous fun and come back through the river bed. It proved to be quite an experience! After Coop fell in the first time and got over it...we couldn't keep him or Nate out of the water. Nate doing a little river bed push-ups. I'm not sure we could have done this without Laura and Jared's help. The little boys loved clinging to Jared for extra support. Some spots in the river started to get a bit deep so Alysee decided to do a little Daisey Duke action. Alysee did great! Unfortunately mom's recommendation of shoes to wear weren't such a great idea but Alysee was a trooper.
Tyler was a great hiker. He carried all the snacks. At one point in the river we found a little homemade rock slide. Love this picture of Nate and his ribs going down the slide. Alex tried out the slide too. We made it!!
The fun didn't stop there, though.
Jared and Laura organized a mini-car wash for our cars. The kids had a great time. Not sure Laura did. The last weekend that Laura and Jared were here our good friends, The Whites, from our early married years came to visit us for a night. We loved every moment with their family. Their four kids and our six loved each other immediately. Before the White's continued on their trip we all went to see the Wenas Mammoth that is being excavated. We went a couple of years ago but Birch didn't get to come along. Although the tour was a bit long for young group we still all thought it was pretty cool. Chloe and Laura were two peas in a pod. This is such an amazing for several reasons...Chloe is a people hater. Well, not her family but just about anyone else. She loves to flirt with anyone but as soon as they go to pick her up she quickly hides (or starts screaming). This photo is also amazing because I can never get Chloe to go to sleep in my arms anymore. Church is a three hour struggle with her. So the fact that Chloe is snuggled in her aunts arms is such a sweet memory for all of us!!

We loved every minute of Laura and Jared's visit. Now who is going to eat all the leftover vegtables? Good thing we still have our bunny Oreo!


Mama Nirvana said...

Sara, I believe I told you so about the tofu. Looks like you had such a wonderful time. That hike looks dreamy!


kg said...

You guys are sure on the go! How fun for sister to visit!

Leah said...

So jealous. Looks like you had such a great time!

Matt's Blog said...

These kind of posts make me wish we lived so much closer! Looks like a great time.

Duludes said...

Happy late Birthday and I do like the new hairdo way cute. I love Boulder Cave but I refuse to walk back the water way because the one and only time I went that way I in countered a water snake. Scary! I will be calling you.

emily a. said...

When do I get to come visit? You guys always do such fun things!