Saturday, April 8, 2017

Down Time

I think the favorite part of Spring Break was the down time.  Sleeping-in, movie watching, jumping on the tramp, volunteering at Northwest Harvest sorting canned food, afternoon hike at Cowiche Canyon, Chloe's baking projects, reading, a trip to our friend's mini-farm, Nate and Coop's weekend trip to Ami and Poppi's house (while Birch was at a continuing education class in Portland), Chloe being a mom's helper to three little kids, Alysee being a nanny for a family, eating out, a trip to the doctor for an ear infection for Chloe, and games as a family.

Nate and Coop had the best time ever - eating good food, rock climbing at OSU, going to a Beavers baseball game, playing with cousins, going to church, fishing, riding horses, painting, playing games -- that is a lot of stuff packed into two days!!!

I took a group of kids (including all of my kids) to volunteer at Northwest Harvest.  We all sorted cans of corn for two hours.

It was twice as fun since we all had friends to chat with while we were working.

Alysee and Coop were hard workers.

A bunch of moms got together and took like twenty kids on an afternoon hike up Cowiche Canyon.  It was covered in wild flowers and was beautiful.  We hiked 3.5 miles which also passed off a requirement for Cooper's Webelos badge.

The good weather was hit and miss all week but whenever it was nice Nate and Coop were quick to run out and jump on the tramp.  They love making little videos of themselves!

We had the Andersen's over for dinner one night and I made bunny bread.  Sage though it was a human??!!!  I was laughing at it because it turned out to be more of a sponge bob bunny with his two front teeth being so spread apart.

Chloe wanted to bake something every day!  She made these tasty mini-cheese cakes and also homemade Twix bars.

Alysee spent a few days with the Tew family helping watch the kids.  They had a great time at the Pacific Science Center!

Alysee in the butterfly house.
Chloe riding Roohoe, the horse
All the kids got to bottle feed the baby goat.

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