Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Week - Christ Centered

Another wonderful Easter week has come to an end!  We kicked of with celebrating Palm Sunday on Palm Monday.  Birch, Nate, and Coop were driving home from Oregon on Sunday so we waited for Monday to start our festivities.
Pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn, and strawberries for Palm Monday dinner

Favorite Easter week activity - Egging a few friend's homes for FHE

Coop putting together our Last Supper lego set

Another favorite tradition - our L.O.A. (love one another) Windows -- lots of love written all over.  I gotta say this week was filled with quite a bit of arguing and unkindness between kids -- nice to have a wall filled with love when I certainly wasn't feeling it throughout the week.

Something new we did this year - thanks to the handiwork of The Small Seed - I was able to print this big poster and each day we read what Christ did on that day and then hung a picture representing the day.  It turned out quite lovely.
EASTER....morning we woke the kids up to our traditional "Hallelujah" chorus form the Messiah.  We dined on french toast, sausage, and strawberries.  YUMMO.
After church we were lucky enough to have the Andersen's over for our Jesus Meal.  Poor Truman had accidentally been given a piece of chocolate at nursery and was needing a breathing treatment due to his milk allergy.  He sure looks like a pro, though.

What a treat to have Ami and Poppi here for our Jesus Meal.  They came in town for the week.  This is my dad's first big trip since his knee surgery back in January.  It was a treat to have them here.

Hazel-nut and Coop enjoying their Jerusalem food.

This year's menu: grilled tilapia, marinated lamb, smoked salmon, garlic/herb goat cheese, grapes, olives, pistachios, dates, figs, pomegranate juice,  chocolate covered pomegranates, honey, naan bread, beef jerky, apricots, orzo, and green salad.  Every year the meal seems to get a little tastier.

Tyler - we all dress up in our Jerusalem attire


A family Easter Egg hunt always ends the night!  And yes, we are ghetto with our plastic bags.

Truman and his favorite Daddy

This kid has got a great smile!

This is kind of a bittersweet picture -- first Easter Sunday picture without Alex. I sure am thankful that families are forever, especially as I feel the temporary hole that Alex leaves our family. I'm grateful for Christ's gift to me.

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