Monday, April 3, 2017

Speedo Get-a-way to Seattle

We did something a little different this year for Spring Break.  In order to utilize Birch's Monday off from work we decided to head up to Seattle Sunday afternoon between conference sessions.  We ended up listening to the second session of conference in the car because we were too early to check-in to our hotel; it made for a captive audience!

We stayed at the Red Lion Inn in Federal Way.  I was really excited about the good deal for the hotel ($73/room) which included admission into their swimming pool with two slides.  Let's just say we give the hotel a "C" - it was a quirky hotel.  The kids had fun in the pool but were disappointed with the strict pool/slide rules.  We watched the new version of Parent Trap and had chicken soft tacos for dinner.  The morning we all slept in until 9 am and then had breakfast.

Our highlight would certainly be the trip to the beach -- it was cold and windy but still beautiful!
Hot tubbing


Nate and his muscles
Kind of a treat to lay around!

Crabs EVERYWHERE at the beach!

My Loverman

Tyler has really done a lot of growing up this year.  He is really pleasant to be around and I enjoy my time with him.  Some weeks it feels like he lives in our house but we never see each other so I am really treasuring the time together!

Chloe LOVES LOVES the beach!

This was one of our first trips without Alex.  His absence was noticed!!!  Pictures don't seem quiet complete, we even had an extra spot in the bed for him, when we went out to eat there was a place setting at the table that was left empty -- miss that kid!

Monday morning!!!  Off to Bullwinkles Family Fun Center

Chloe and Tyler on The Sling Shot!  This actually looked really fun!  

Chloe was so graceful with her flips

Me...soaking in some sunshine watching the kids jump and flip away.

Chloe was the first one to be brave enough to request going on the Screaming Swing.  I could barely stand to watch them as it made me nauseous.  Chloe and Birch LOVED it!

Blurry picture but I love their facial expressions.

This picture is a big deal...Nate really really wanted to drive a go-cart but there is always a height restriction.  It just kills him every time that he is too short but keeps getting older.  Why can't it be an age limit not a height??!!!  Anyway, with a little polite pleading from dad, Nate was permitted to drive the go-cart himself.  He LOVED it!

Alysee said it was super scary driving -- I think because of her dad scarying her a bit.

Chloe enjoyed being a passenger in the go-cart but also had the chance to go to driving school and drive this cute little car.  She kind of mocked it because it went so slow but I think that is just because all of her siblings were watching.  In reality I think she loved every minute!

Nate and Tyler decided they had to join in on the super scary Screaming Swing.  

Love Nate's face

How can you not laugh when you see this picture?
The rest of the day we enjoyed at IKEA -- it was crazy busy but we had a delicious lunch and all the kids are hoping they grow up to be rich so they can furnish and stock their home with IKEA stuff.  We finished off with dinner in North Bend at a family style Chinese/Thai restaurant.  It was a great trip and we all enjoyed a little get-a-way!!

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