Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kid's Camp - Ditto Style

Years ago Alex put on a kid's camp during Spring Break.  I'll never forget it because he drilled a small hole in my brand new countertops when doing a craft project with the kids.  Ever since it has been a wonderful tradition for the oldest kids to put on a few kid's camps each year.

Alysee and Tyler did an excellent job this year!!!  They caped the session at 18 kids and boy did our house seem full!  It had originally been something that just Alysee was going to do by herself and then when she realized how popular the camp was she decided it was best to hire a few helpers.

Alysee and Tyler broke the kids up into two groups by age.  Both kids are so good at interacting with the kids!

Cooper was hired last minute by Aunti Emi to be Truman's personal entertainer.  Cooper AND Truman had a ball all morning.  Truman loved all the attention and Coop enjoyed having a responsibility and a money making opportunity.

Lots and lots of craft projects

Mentos and diet coke rockets

The best janitor around (check out the name tag) - Nate followed around each group cleaning up after each station and then again once the camp was done.  He really is a hard worker!

Biggest pot of mac 'n cheese I have ever made!  I was pretty busy in the kitchen too -- making lunch for 21 kids, bread dough for the kids to made personalized rolls, and then cleaning up after the crew.

The kids LOVED creating bread yummness!

Happy Campers

Now that's a lot of kids to feed!
I'm grateful for those in the community that trust my kids to look after and entertain their kids.  It has been a great way for my kids to make money and to learn about putting on an event.

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