Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A fall day at Naches Peak

Last Monday the kids had a day off of school and so we decided to go on a little day hike to Naches Peak Loop off of Chinook Pass.  It was a beautiful day and after the kids got over being grouchy we all had a great time.
Trail Head
Flash back to September 2005 (the last time we went on this hike) -- this is Alysee and me.  Not that it is a great picture but as soon as I saw this same rock I knew that Alysee and I had to take a picture again together.
Check out all our cute kiddos
2005 Flash Back -- boy, have we grown since then

Alysee was in nature heaven!
Just beautiful -- Chloe was lucky to get sky rides from Alex and Birch
Awesome Nate-dog

Nate, Tyler, Alysee

So beautiful and warm -- love that combo!

What a fun day we had together!


kg said...

I miss hiking SO much!!! BEautiful.

Annie & Tom said...

And we want to come next time!

Matt said...

Looks like a beautiful spot. I love the then and now shots!