Friday, October 26, 2012


What a treat to have Alysee in the combined 5th/6th grade choir!  Their first performance was wonderful!  Leading up to the concert there was quite a bit of drama with trying out for the solo to the American Melody.  I was so proud of Alysee when she told me that she was one of twenty kids to compete for a solo.  Boy, did the teacher drag out the solo tryouts!  For five days Alysee tried out and finally was one of the top two choices.  After two more tryouts the teacher chose the...boy.  Alysee was devastated buy put on a cheerful face.

What a beauty!!

Two weeks later the Principle asked the choir if they would sing at the school's Veteran's Day Assembly.  Guess who wasn't going to be in town...the solo boy.  Alysee was so excited to have the opportunity in the end to sing the solo in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL.  She did AMAZING!!!

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MaryJane said...

Great job, Alysee!

emily a. said...

You did amazing Alysee!