Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BOO! Halloween 2012

The week before Halloween we carried on our family tradition of carving pumpkins and making/eating homemade donuts.
 We told the kids that Birch and I were not going to clean out the guts of all the pumpkins this year so it they wanted it carved they had to do the gutting themselves.  What squeamish kids we have!
 Controlling ourselves from consuming more than our fair share of donuts was the real feat of the night!  They were delicious!!  We delivered many doughnut holes to our lucky neighbors.
Carved Masterpieces

Birch--the Fijian Man, Coop--race car driver, Tyler--nerdy tourist, Alysee--cowgirl, Nate--Baseball man, Chloe--Fairy (though she looks like an evil one in this picture), Sara -- Slice of Heaven, Alex -- Super Alex.

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MaryJane said...

And as one of the lucky neighbors, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness!