Thursday, October 4, 2012

BSA...and that ain't stand for "Boys Stinky Armpits"

This summer Tyler and Alex worked really hard completing many of their scouting requirements.  One of their "jobs" they had several times a week was to work on scouting for one hour/day.  Birch helped set up a plan with the boys and followed up with them each month during their PPI (Personal Parent Interview) on the first Sunday of the month.
At a recent court of honor Tyler received his Tenderfoot, Second Class, AND First Class!!!  Pretty sweet!!!  This kid worked hard!  He worked even harder on finishing three required merit badges -- Citizenship in the Community, Personal Fitness, and Family Life.  To get his volunteer hours for a non-profit organization for his Citizenship in the Community he was an assistant at a local church's Vacation Bible School this summer.
Sure proud of Tyler!
 Not that I love a shot of my bum...but I had to show how tall Alex is getting.  He recently surpassed Birch's height as well (but just a tiny bit).  This kid has huge feet that don't seem to want to stop growing.  Anyway, back to scouting.
Alex also worked really hard this summer to complete his Life Rank.  This is the highest BSA rank outside of getting your Eagle. Between cub scouts, boy scouts, and having four boys -- my necklace is getting quite heavy.
In addition to receiving his Life Rank, Alex got five merit badges -- Family Life, Citizenship in the Community, Horsemanship, Canoeing, and Metal Work.  His favorite was Canoeing because he got to swim and mess around with his friends in the lake at scout camp.  Alex has a total of 21 merit badges completed.  At the Court of Honor he was also honored to receive the "Super Scout" award -- an award created by his scout master.  This award was voted on by the fellow scouts in the troop after scout camp as the scout that represented the scout traits, good sportsmanship, a leader, and friend to all.  Sure made his mom and dad's heart grow warm when Alex's name was announced.

Sure proud of our scouters!!!


emily a. said...

Alex is taller than Birch? How did I miss that.

Annie & Tom said...

What a great blog. We're proud of you Tyler and Alex!

Mike, Sha, Kenna, Kate, & Garrett said...

I googled your name to see what the Ditto family has been up to since we left Yakima and found your blog. But, I didn't want to be a lurker. What a cute family you guys still are.(lots bigger too.;)) so fun!

Sha and Mike Nielson (and kids)